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Brass Moulding

Alfred Flury

Calvin Flury, Sr.

Flury Foundry Company started in 1939 when the late 
Alfred Flury and his son, the late Calvin Flury, began a 
pattern making business in the basement of their family 
home.  Later that year, they poured their first heat of brass 
and our company has been a quality producer of 
copper-based castings ever since.

Throughout the remainder of the century and up to the 
present, the foundry underwent 5 expansions.  During this 
period Flury Foundry has transformed itself into a 
state-of-the-art casting facility.  Both of Calvin’s sons, Jerry 
and Roger, came to work for the business in the 1960’s and 
the company entered its third generation of leadership.

Currently, Roger’s son Jason serves as President of the company and his
brother-in-law Tom Needham is Vice President.