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Quality Brass and Bronze Castings - Established 1939

At Flury Foundry Co. we manufacture brass and bronze castings to the highest of standards. Our attention to quality, delivery, and competitive pricing has made us a leader in the copper-based casting industry. See our alloy list to determine if we can supply you with your casting requirements. Our fully automated mold line (installed in 2004) has given us both the capacity and flexibility to meet a variety of casting needs. Our capabilities allow us to produce castings that weigh ounces to over 100 lbs. and we offer out-sourced finishing services.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for quotes you may have.

Alloy List

Red Brass

  • C83600
  • C84400
  • C83300

Tin Bronze

  • C90300
  • C92200
  • C93200

Manganese Bronze

  • C86200
  • C86300
  • C86400
  • C86500

Copper Silicon

  • C87500
  • C87600
  • C87200

Aluminum Bronze

  • C95400
  • C95800

Copper Nickel

  • C96400